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Aromatherapy massage is a highly therapeutic form of massage that incorporates the tremendous healing properties of various essential oils. Working on both the physical and emotional / psychological levels, different oils are used to achieve different results, bringing about a holistic improvement in emotional and physical wellbeing.

Specifically, an aromatherapy massage works to relax the body, improve the circulation and lymphatic system as well as to stimulate reflex areas and pressure points. Through this improved blood supply, nerve impulses are unblocked, stress and tension are relieved and toxic wastes are flushed out. The body achieves homeostasis and can then use it’s natural healing potential.

Given the diverse properties of the oils, aromatherapy massage has marked benefits accross a broad spectrum. It can assist with everything from eating and sleeping disorders to more distinct physical maladies such as headaches and constipation.

Aromatherapy Massage
  • Full Body Aromathereapy Massage – R515
  • Back Aromatherapy Massage – R320
R320.00 (1/2 hr)

Rejuvinating energy healing treatment to restore balance to body, mind and soul